Press Kit for Jimmie Ray Swagger and the Fussy Eaters


Jimmie Ray Swagger and the Fussy Eaters at Fishing Creek Festival
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Recently transplanted to the Triangle area from their home in Cumby, TX, Jimmie Ray Swagger and his band The Fussy Eaters have been taking the East Coast country music establishment by storm. Their gritty songs of love, lust, addiction, malfeasance, and pain aim right for the heart and/or groin. After many long months of planning the move to NC, Jimmie’s probation judge finally approved and they haven’t look back since!

Their debut recording Early Times for an Ancient Age was released in October 2015 and includes the Texas AM radio hits “Pinoche En La Noche”, “Jailmate” and “I Just Want To Please (Me)”.


Pinoche En La Noche


I Just Want To Please (Me)


There’s a whole channel!

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