Jimmie Ray Swagger & the Fussy Eaters July 4th at Studmuffins of Durham

Alright, now everybody listen up! This is Arty “Tex” Donkerman, I manage Jimmie Ray Swagger & the Fussy Eaters, and I do not waste my breath! It’s as simple as one, two three:

  1. Jimmie Ray Swagger and the Fussy Eaters. That alone should be sufficient.
  2. The Fourth of July! Snatch. Freedom. AMERICA!
  3. The premier male review in the Bull City, Studmuffins of Durham!

‘Nuff Said!

Don’t you wanna eat a Studmuffin?

New SwagWear Available

Hoo Boy!

After the limited edition SwaggerJackets sold out, we had to think fast. And we thought, “Hey now, who wouldn’t want Jimmie Ray Swagger’s face on their junk?” So now we got SwagWear and SwagUnderWear! Available at truly fine retailers nationwide.

Secret Show

Don’t look now, but we’re working on booking a secret show up at Stud Muffins of Durham. And do you wanna know what day they want us for? Of course you do! The want us for the gotdang Fourth of July!

Now that’s America!

Heck yeah!

Jimmie Ray Swagger May 28th at the Station

Hoo Boy!

People are getting so excited about Jimmie Ray Swagger and the Fussy Eaters playing at the Station in Carrboro on Tuesday, May 28th that they’re getting their SwagWear ready in advance:

SwagWear – available at truly fine retailers nationwide!


Be there or you’ll regret it!

Swagger Fashion

Jimmie Ray Swagger. Country music superstar. Presidential candidate. Legend.

And now, fashion icon.


This Here is More Poetry

Why I Love America
America is an amazing place
One where girls will sit on your face
America I do love you
I also really love to screw
And drink and smoke and take drugs too
That’s why I Love America
    –Plum Peel