The Fans Love Us!

We can’t help but notice that the fans just can not get enough Jimmie Ray Swagger and the Fussy Eaters in their lives. Some even go so far as to post unauthorized live videos taken on videocameras hidden up inside their phones! Such as this one:


Suppose that’s just life as a living legend.

We Done Tapped that City!

Hoooo Boy! We just got done giving the fine folks at Pittsboro’s City Tap the time of their lives – you were there or you shoulda been!

Kinko De Mayo is almost here!

Hoooo Boy! It’s almost time for Kinko de Mayo, that traditional yearly celebration of fetishes and mayonnaise. If I had my druthers it’d be fetishes and Bar-B-Q, but tradition is tradition.

This year Kinko de Mayo falls on the fifth of May. We’re gonna be celebrating at the 2nd Wind in Carrboro, North Carolina. Figure on us gettin’ goin’ about 10:00pm.

Fetch me my ball gag!

Album Update

Even though we’re touring hard as always just like the true road warriors we are, we’ve found the time to record a whole new album of greatest hits! We’ll let you all take a listen when it’s ready, till then we’re gonna keep on keepin’ on!

Howdy, world!

This here is the interweb location for the greatest Country Music act alive today, namely Jimmie Ray Swagger and the Fussy Eaters. There’ll be more here soon, so come back in a while and have another looky-see.