Swagger Fashion

Jimmie Ray Swagger. Country music superstar. Presidential candidate. Legend.

And now, fashion icon.


This Here is More Poetry

Why I Love America
America is an amazing place
One where girls will sit on your face
America I do love you
I also really love to screw
And drink and smoke and take drugs too
That’s why I Love America
    –Plum Peel


Under New Management

Alright, now everybody listen up! There’s a new sheriff in town and that is me, Arty “Tex” Donkerman! I had to pull a few strings to get Jimmie and the boys out of the hoosegow and it better not be for nuthin’! In a turn of events that can only be described as ironic, Jimmie Ray Swagger and the Fussy Eaters will be playing The Cave on April 20th as part of the court settlement I negotiated. Come on out and I promise you an evening to remember!


Hoo Boy! You all are probably wondering why you ain’t heard from Jimmie Ray and the Boys in while. Truth is we were headed down to Mussel Sholes to do some recording and we had a little run in with the law for reasons we’d rather not disclose.

Not to worry, we’ll be out in just a wee bit.

Carrborro Has Been Swaggerized!

Hoo Boy! We sure did have us a time Swaggerizin’ the Carrborro Music Festival. Either you were there or you shoulda been!

The eagle-eyed among y’all may have noticed a new addition to the Swagger family – we now have a mandolin player: Cody Caliente! Congratulate him next time you see him!

The Fans Love Us!

We can’t help but notice that the fans just can not get enough Jimmie Ray Swagger and the Fussy Eaters in their lives. Some even go so far as to post unauthorized live videos taken on videocameras hidden up inside their phones! Such as this one:



Suppose that’s just life as a living legend.

We Done Tapped that City!

Hoooo Boy! We just got done giving the fine folks at Pittsboro’s City Tap the time of their lives – you were there or you shoulda been!