Kraken Show Tonight!

Hoo Boy! Come on out to The Kracken tonight, April 1st, 2023 where Jimmie Ray Swagger & the Fussy Eaters will be playing with Coyote vs. Acme!

The Kracken

We was holdin’ out, hopin’ that Cody Caliente would make this one, but he done sent us the following message:

“Hey man! I sure do appreciate that but I’m on house arrest from that grand theft auto charge after that pool tournament and wet T-shirt contest at Buster’s Cue & Brew last year. Stitches are long gone but you should see the scar on my forehead from the chicken wire out back!”

“Meanwhile, my old lady is fierce and won’t let me cut the ankle monitor off no more. Says she ain’t taking care of all 7 youngins no damn more while he’s out boozing or sitting in the lockup for being stupid. So I reckon I’m gonna pass this go round. But damn I wanna get piss drunk like we used to at the honky tonk in Nashville….North Carolina. Well, I reckon it was actually Rocky Mount.”